I am a  PhD candidate in Social & Cultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki. My research focuses on human-environmental relations, land use and the politics of natural resources. My area of specialization is Melanesia, and I have conducted long-term fieldwork in the Pomio District of East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

In my forth-coming PhD thesis I examine how Mengen speakers living in the Wide Bay area of New Britain Island make their lived environment, and how in the process of doing so, they make themselves. More specifically, I look at how Mengen speakers engage in swidden horticulture, logging, wage labor on plantations and community conservation. All these practices have created and continue to create different kinds of places and social relations that involve the Mengen within larger political and economic structures. These practices have also produced, reproduced and at times significantly changed the environment of Wide Bay. In my thesis I look how people engage in different forms of value production, how social relations and values are mediated through the environment and concrete practices, how lived environments are re-valued in natural resource extraction and how Mengen speakers engage in very different ways in these processes and state formation on the natural resource frontier of Pomio District.

Apart from research, I work as a bicycle courier in my home town Helsinki.


Tok Pisin:

Mi wanpela anthropologist wokim stadi bilong mi long University bilong Helsinki long Finland. Mi bin wokim research bilong mi long local agriculture, graun, environment na politics bilong ol natural risors long Pomio District, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. Mi save interest especially long wok gaden long ples, stori na histori bilong graun, olsem wanem ol lain long ples i lukluk long ol bikpela logging na oil palm project, local conservation na wok mani bilong ol long plenteson na taun.

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